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CTT-01GG Compact Tactical Tomahawk - Graphite

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The one for sale is Graphite in color. Not the black as shown in the picture

At half the size of our BFT-01 tomahawk, the CTT-01 (Compact Tactical Tomahawk) is specifically designed for those who require an extremely compact, easy to reach tool with no compromise in durability or performance. Made ready for the extreme end of hardcore use, this multi-purpose tool is ideally suited for MOE, CQB, rescue and survival roles. The unique geometry and ergonomic contours of the CTT-01 allow greater operator flexibility to choke up high on the handle for delicate work like shaving and slicing, or for wielding powerful chopping stokes when adopting a lower hand hold. The handle scales are expertly machined from G10 and feature aggressive grip control grooves machined in key positions. Whilst reducing the overall dimensions of the CTT-01, we felt it important to maintain a large cutting head for maximum surface contact and overall functionality. Opposing the sharpened primary edge is a faceted tanto spike, designed for low-range prying and penetration. The handle pommel incorporates a lanyard hole for the attachment of a small carabineer or rope fastening point.

The CTT-01 is expertly constructed from D2 tool steel. This material choice was introduced by Hardcore Hardware Australia® to the impact tool category. D2 has since proven itself operationally as a resilient, rugged and reliable steel for hard use applications. The CTT-01 is finished in a robust, low-viz Teflon coating. Personalized mounting is critical for an instinctive and swift deployment, consequently the CTT-01 Kydex® ambidextrous sheath comes with pre-fitted Molle-Lok’s™ designed to integrate specifically with most popular assault platforms. Included is a Tek-Lok™ belt/strap mounting system that can be customized in vertical, horizontal or angled positions. The provision of eyelet holes along both sides of the blade carrier facilitates alternate attachment to the body or gear via paracord or cable ties. A friction lock system holds the tomahawk snugly in its sheath, added retention is offered via a quick release safety strap with press-stud.

The CTT-01 is a non-prohibited design; please check your local State laws in relation to edged tool ownership and carry



CTT-01 Type: Tomahawk

Point: Penetrator Spike

Steel: D2 (BOHLER K110/AISI)

HRC: 53-55

Finish: Teflon

Head Length: 65mm

OAL: 243mm

Thickness: 9mm

OAW: 135mm

Handle: G10

OAD: 29mm

Grip Screws: T15 Torx

Weight: 660g


CARRY SYSTEM Material: Kydex® Attachment: Molle-Lok™ Tek-Lok™ Retention: Friction Lock / Safety Strap OAL:* 262mm OAW:* 171mm OAD:* 51mm Weight:* 856g