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MUK-01 EOD - Desert

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The MUK01-G (Mid Urban Knife G10) has dual design purposes, as an EOD multi tool and as a dive knife alternative.

The modified chisel point design is extremely strong and ideally suited for prying and or investigative probing, with this in mind, the flat front leading edge is left un-sharpened. This model also features a partial spine, serration pattern for cutting webbing/belts/rope/light sheet metal and a flat extended hammer pommel with gimping and dual lanyard points. Nonslip, ergonomic, G10 handle scales offer a positive and comfortable grip. They are secured with Torx screw all steel fittings.

Built with hardcore use in mind and designed to repel the elements, in particular the corrosive effects associated with marine OP’s, the MUK01-G’s construction is a full tang, chamfered, 5.5mm, 440C, premium grade stainless steel. Added protection comes in the form of a durable Teflon coating.

Field operators looking for a multi function tool where a sharp pointed knife is not viable should consider this option for addition to their kit.



Code: MUK01-G
Type: Knife (Fixed Blade)
Point: Chisel point
Steel: 440C   HRC: 56-58
Finish: Teflon
Blade Length: 130mm   OAL: 265mm
Blade Width: 36mm   OAW: 51.5mm
Thickness: 5.5mm
Weight: 465gm
Handle: G10


Material: 1x Speed scabbard - Kydex® Mould
Attachment: Molle-Lok®
Blade Retention: Press Stud release strap